maa….and I thought of you again.
The harsh sound of the morning alarm,
Blaring for the umpteenth time
Wakes me up from my stupor,
Shakes me up from my dream divine.
Your sweet voice that worked as an alarm;
As a child, it used to be my lucky morning charm
The voice full of love and reason, the voice that kept me sane
It’s doesn’t sound anymore, ma…..and I thought of you once again.
The smile of compassion, the smile from the heart,
Your loving caress was in a class apart
dollyThe teachings, the tips, the wisdom, the works;
The prize of pecks which I earned as my perks
The cooking, the food, the rotis and parathas
The pyaar ki jhappi and zor kaa chaanta
Is missed now, is missed again
And as I look at my daughters….Ma…I thought of you once again.
kidsI hope they grow to be as beautiful as you were;
Inside and outside, as much as we can nurture
Hope that smile, is equally as sincere;
Filled with love, with honesty, and concern for everyone out there;
That they are remembered for their nature more than beauty
That’s a cue I take from you, that is my parental duty
Your essence, your smile, your reflection I see in their frame,
Yes Ma…each time I look at them; I think of you once again !!