I reached Interlaken on a wet dreary winter afternoon from Zermatt. It was snowing heavily en route till Spiez. But as we neared this city, the sky gave way to the sun and we were blessed with some gorgeous landscapes till we reached the city of Interlaken.

While changing trains at Spiez, I captured the marina castle in its glory, it was something straight out of fairy tale land. Switzerland never fails to amaze.

The weather in Interlaken was quite a spoiler, rain and mist covered the place and the cold, wet, dreary ambiance made me think that I would not be able to see this beautiful city in its glory, but boy was I wrong. Perhaps, the gloomy weather, or perhaps the raw beauty of the place, I ended up getting some amazing shots of this place during my 2 days stay here.

The relentless wet rains made 3 o clock afternoon seem like late evening. As I made my way through a back alley i heard the church bell toll somewhere close. Walking up to the quiet plaza i heard another sound add to the bell…that of 4 men singing in their local language while cutting some firewood. The toll of the bell…the clouds…the cold ..the alien lyrics….the lilting tunes…the chill in the air…the wet rain…the quietness all around. ….and me. Yes i was in heaven…I was in Interlaken!
It was my moment to thank god for all things beautiful ….and for giving me the possibility to live each of them!

One associates Switzerland with nature and landscapes but in the streets of Interlaken I found stories hidden at every nook and corner. This house proudly stood on one of the main arterial roads reminding me of grandma goose and her bag full of stories…sitting on the patio on her rocking chair …knitting her sweater while waiting for the neighbourhood kids to come and get their fill of their stories.

As I passed by this hotel building on that wet dreary day..the thoughts of sitting by a fireplace…sipping on a hot chocolate listening to Grandma Smith’s bedtime stories. Ahh the quaintness of the place makes one fall in love with the city all over again.

Casino Kursaal is another place that stands right in the middle of the city of Interlaken and reflects the elegance and the urban charm of the city in contrast to the sleepy charm of the older downtown.
Right towards the back of the city runs a canal that meanders its way through residential and commercial areas of the town. Its impressive the way they have managed to keep the canal and its surroundings clean and pristine which often makes for a picture postcard frame.

The city rakes of beauty even in the darkest of corners. Came across this flower shop on a corner close to that church plaza. Lavender, lilies, tulips, hydrangeas and what not….the shop looked like a christmas party in its full bloom.

The next morning I headed to the mighty Jungfrau (the visit to which is worthy of another blogpost). The mountain peak is a few hours train journey from this town and passes through scenic valleys and sights, the likes of which I haven’t witnessed in a while. I sigh and wish I could spend some of my time here in solitude.

Neatly ordered rows of houses…cars parked neatly on the curb…cleanliness, silence. The urban elegance and rural rusticity coexisting in a happy space in this one city. That was the overall vibe I could gather from Interlaken.
As I walked back from Jungfrau towards this sleepy town, sounds of the drum and bells and saxophone suddenly pierced through the quietness of the city. Moving towards it I came upon a local band performing at one of the plazas, in the rain, without a worry to the world. They were truly enjoying themselves and so were the onlookers. Someone said quite correctly…a place is truly defined by the people that live there and call it home. Interlaken to me is that home … sleepy … lazy…beautiful with friendly charming people who love life and live it accordingly too. Blessed is the place and blessed are the people who make it so!

– The text in this blog has been picked up from captions posted on the Interlaken series on my ionstagram handle www.instagram.com/supriobosetravels