The Cathedral of Tarragona , which inspired this post

It all started with a comment on my daily Instagram (@supriobosetravels) post where one of my friends compared this picture with a set from the Popular TV series, Games of Thrones.

As I was replying back to her, I realized that the last post I had made on the city of Girona (   , I had completely forgotten to mention about the fact that a major part of the TV series was actually being shot there.

This got me thinking and I went back to revisit my picture and to my utter delight, there were several pictures which covered the places seen in the series itself. I thought, it would be very interesting to put screen shots from the series against the real images of the location in form of a blog post. Whats very interesting to note, is, that despite of it being a popular city, the locales are pristine and oh so devoid of typical chaotic rhythms of a touristy city.

Those of you who follow “Games of Thrones“, will relate to many of these pictures uploaded here, but those who don’t, just close your eyes and imagine being transmitted to the middle ages and walking around the streets of a Medieval city. As I walked down the cobble stoned paths of the city, I couldn’t help but feel the same.

The Cathedral, which is one of the main locations of the series, looms large over the city and many important scenes including Queen Cersei´s walk of shame were shot in its vicinity. The scale of the cathedral….sitting tall and looming large over the city takes you by surprise and as you look up you can’t help but feel like a small pawn in the scheme of god.

This city is a MUST visit for all Game of Thrones geeks, but even if you are not one….do plan to include it in your next vacation in Spain, and I am sure, you will surely enjoy being transported back in time!

Disclaimer : All images related to GOT have been downloaded from open source Internet, due credits can be happily given if required. All images with my watermark are my originals and reserve all rights to any reproduction.