IMG_2141Holi – the mere mention of this colorful festival evokes memories from my childhood. The memories that range from mischiefs done with friends on the pretext of “Bura na mano, Holi Hai” (dont feel bad, its Holi) to drinking bhaang and getting high , to eating loads of sweets and snacks made by family and friends families.

The Festival celebrates the joy of friendship and brotherhood through colours. The colour symbolize equality and freedom and on this day all stratas of society come together to celebrate it without any inhibitions of race, caste, creed or culture and enjoy it as human beings. That to me is perhaps the most beautiful lesson that this festival teaches us.

As a kid we used to move around from one house to the other wishing all elders Happy Holi and gobbling up all the hoiliday delicacies laid out on their tables.

Over the years, the festival has evolved and Holi to us, now, is more of a glorious party replete with Rain dances, DJ, lots of booze, some bhaang and lots and lots of masti.

This year it was no difference either. The only addition this year, however, was that apart from the society Holi, we also went to the celebrity laden Zoom Holi Party which was buzzing with people, celebrities and many wannabes.

This year, due to the drought, there was no rain dance and the celebrations were dry. The effect of colours, rain and booze create a fabulous feel under the scorching sun which was quite absent this year. However the music and the party never stops despite the heat and with the booze flowing, we were in a happy trance within no time and enjoyed the afternoon quite a bit.20160324_132229

Sharing a few images with you of the event…..will be back next year with more (And hopefully, with some rain dance pics as well).

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